About Tyree Elaine


​NBC's Last Comic Standing Semifinalist, Tyree Elaine has been seen on Black Jesus, (Adult Swim), Laff Tracks (TruTV), 50 Central, (BET), Showtime at the Apollo, (FOX), Bill Bellamy's Who's Got Jokes? (TV One), The Xperiment (BET), Laff Mobb's We Got Next (Aspire), and Kevin Hart's LOL (Just For Laugh's in Montreal). Tyree was also a Writer/Producer for The Conners (ABC) and is currently a writer on Season 3 of The Last OG (TBS). In addition, she has performed live stand up all over the country, from colleges and churches to some of the most famous clubs in her hometown of LA, such as The Comedy Store, Laugh Factory, Hollywood Improv, and The Comedy Union. And most recently, Tyree performed in the 2019 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival's New Faces showcase in Montreal.

In March 2016, Tyree created a social media video series called "Women Over 40 Be Like," "Women Over 30 Be Like" etc, that humorously depict the things women say during specific ages. In addition, two articles were written up about Tyree's video series, including one in The New York Times. Tyree recently produced, directed, and wrote a very popular webseries called "Dirty 30s" based on these videos- all 7 episodes are available on YouTube, Facebook, IGTV, and this site under the "videos" tab.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Tyree is fast becoming one of today's most visible up-and-coming performers. Her very first time on stage was in August of 2008 at J Anthony Brown's JSpot Comedy Club in Inglewood, CA. Although she performed on a dare that night, Tyree soon found that comedy was something she did well. Helping people laugh gave (and still does give) Tyree an indescribable feeling of humanity. She believes that humans need to laugh just as much as they need to eat and breathe. 



5 questions for Tyree Elaine...Get to know me.

How long have you been doing stand up comedy, and what made you get in to it?

I've been doing stand up comedy since August 2008, and initially I tried it on a dare. But, after the first time, I was hooked. It was very scary, but kinda cool at the same time, almost like a roller coaster. I've tried to stop doing it all together, in an effort to be "normal." But, "normal" never quite stuck with me.


What was the best experience in comedy of your life?

Performing on Last Comic Standing was the best experience of my life, so far. I got to meet Rosanne, JB Smoove, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Russel Peters, and Wanda Sykes. They were all very kind to me, and gave me great compliments, as well. I also got to stay at Universal Studios Hotel, (which is not too far from me) with other comics. The hotel was really nice, actually a little too nice. It was difficult for me to sleep without a train coming by my window at 2am, or small children laughing and screaming right outside my door. But, I managed to relax, lol. 

I had not done stand up in about 9 months (one of the times I was trying to be "normal.") And, I was very nervous about how I'd do on prime time network television after such a long time off. But, the stage was beautiful, and the producers were really cool, I had no choice, but to have a great time. And, when I made it to the semi-finals, I was so happy that I almost cried.


Who are some of your favorite comics?

Dave Chappell is my all time favorite comic. I also really like Tony Roberts, Jim Gaffigan, and Lucielle Ball. I've seen all of Gaffigan's specials, and he's always on my pandora. Recently, I was really depressed, and I remember watching Tony Roberts' specials, Wired and I'm Different, cracking up to the point where I didn't really remember why I was sad. I truly I hope I can do that for someone else with my comedy. As far as Lucy is concerned, I have all 5 seasons of her sitcom, and she is just the bomb. I really respect her as a comedic actress, as well as a business woman. Her physical comedy is the best, and I can literally watch her show all day long, even though its older than I. Hopefully, I can have, or be on, a show as classically funny as  I Love Lucy.


What are some other jobs you've had?

I have worked at Bank of America as a teller, and Los Angeles Unified School District, as a special needs teacher's assistant. During summers, I've also worked at McDonald's, A beauty salon, Petco, Barnes and Nobles, and Bubba Gump's. My favorites were the bank, the school, and Petco.

Even though, I worked at Petco just for the summer, I really liked it because I love animals. The worst part was that I couldn't take them all home on adoption day.

I liked the bank a lot because I got to work behind glass. (just kidding) No, really it was because all the tellers kind of turned in to family, I still keep in touch with a lot of them.

I held my job at the school for the longest, 7 years. This was my most rewarding job, because I got to work with preschool students with disabilites. We mostly taught socially acceptable behavior, as well a school readiness skills. At times, it was difficult, but I still enjoyed being a part of a child's growth and development.

Eventually, I did realize that teaching was not my true passion. So, in December 2014 I stepped out on faith and quit my good paying, benefits giving, great hours having job in order to persue comedy. It was, and still is, very scary, but I have gotten very close to God during this time. There's nothing like a "Pay or Quit" notice to get you to open your Bible. He is truly carrying me, though... always has been.


What are some things you'd like to do in your career?

I'd love to play the sassy,  black defense attorney on Law and Order, so I can say things like "objection, hearsay!" and "motion to suppress the gun you found in my client's purse. Your officers had no warrant!" I'd also like to have my TV pilot, Dirty 30s picked up. That'd be cool.