Sometimes, I get questions about my natural hair, and I just wanted to share some information about it. Hope you find it useful. (Photos below)

I had a perm with an asymettrical cut for about 2 years, it was cute, but I didn't take care of it very well, so my hair started breaking. My last perm was May 2013, and I "big chopped" September of that same year. My hair was about 2 inches all around.

I wore braids, twists, crochet braids, and full head weaves for about 2 years. When I wore braids and twists, I would put olive oil (from the 99 cents Store) in an applicator bottle, and oil my scalp almost every night before bed (I'm not sure how "healthy" that was, but it definitely seemed like it made my hair grow faster... it was all bad for my pillow cases though.)

I would not oil my scalp very much when I wore weaves or crochet braids, because I didn't want the hair to have a "greasy" look. I'd wear each style for generally 1-3 months. 

In December of 2014, I got my hair pressed out for the first time (mainly to see how long it was, and to trim the ends evenly.) After that, I began wearing my real hair in different natural styles. It was pretty cool. Because, for a very long time, I unfortunately, didn't think I was pretty unless my hair was done (meaning "straightened.") I also had a very hard time combing my natural hair, probably because this was the first time I had to really deal with it. But, with patience and prayer, (lol) I managed to take care of it as best I could. I even found some really cute styles to try on myself. 


Wearing my own hair is truly liberating. It's now about 12-14 inches. I never thought my hair could even grow that long! I guess its just a testament that whatever you take care of will grow. I hope you enjoyed my story. Here are some pics from my natural hair journey, so far. Also, be sure and subscribe to my youtube channel. (It's in the home page at the top) I'm going to begin uploading some really cool natural hair tutorials, that I think you guys will like. And, if you have an Instagram, follow my natural hair page @ twistsandbraidsbytyree. I have been braiding, and twisting hair for over 10 years, so feel free to DM inquiries or to make an appointment.

This is my hair curled from perm rods using Organic Root Stimulator leave in mousse in late early spring 2015.

This is a wash and go from late winter 2015 using Pantene products.

This is a collage of my hair' from my big chop to the first press and curl on my natural hair, in December 2014.

These are double strand twists from Fall 2015 using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

These are double strand twists from late Summer 2014 using Coconut oil.

This is just a picture of the different stages of my hair growth.

This is a picture of my hair straightened from December 2016. 

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